NetCity Project Summary: City of Portland, Oregon


NetCity:            City of Portland, Oregon

Project Name:

Telecommunications Strategy for Municipal Broadband, Telephony and Public Safety Communications

Project Timeframe:

2000- 2005

Project Description:

The development and operation of the county-wide 800 MHz radio system and mobile data system serving over 100 first responder agencies in the region

the development of a zero-tolerance policy and network architecture for network outages on both the IRNE and the 800 MHz systems, which provides the City of Portland with two of the most reliable and most affordable networks in the world

the development of increased collaboration between the Office of Cable and Telecommunications, the Bureau of Environmental Services, the Department of Transportation, the Bureau of Information Technology and the Water Bureau in telecommunications infrastructure investment.

In 2005, NetCity was retained by the Portland City Attorney to advise on litigation strategy in an on-going legal dispute with Qwest Communications concerning Portland's municipal broadband networks.