NetCity Project Summary: Oregon State Interoperability Executive Council


NetCity:            Oregon State Interoperability Executive Council

Project Name:

SIEC Interoperability Inventory and Gap Analysis

Project Timeframe:

May 2004 January 2005

Project Description:

Nancy Jesuale, of NetCity project managed a team of technical and policy consultants to complete a statewide inventory of radio assets, measure interoperability of each radio system in the state, and complete a Gap Analysis of the current state of interoperability vs. the desired state.  The project included strategic planning, spectrum policy advising, design and completion of an Inventory of State Radio System Assets for Public Safety. The project also included working with high-level state officials, SIEC membership and public safety practitioners with a varied level of resources to review and recommend a set of actions for the State of Oregon to take to improve Interoperability.  These recommendations were adopted by the SIEC, who is now in the process of implementing them.