NetCity Project Summary: Portland Regional Public Safety Communications



NetCity             Portland Regional Public Safety Communications Consortium (sub-consultant to SRA/Touchstone)

Project Names:

Portland Regional Public Safety Replacement Project Governance Structure, Governance Agreement and Technology Management Plan

Project Timeframe:


Project Description:

NetCity was retained by the City of Portland, as a team member on the contract primed by SRA/Touchstone to provide public safety radio communications operations and technology assessment, as well as legal advice. Clark Balfour, a well known municipal attorney in Portland, experienced in public safety communications management issues and Nancy Jesuale provided the expert subject matter consulting for the team on this project.  The NetCity team was responsible for crafting the governance agreement between the City of Portland, Clark County, WA, Washington County OR, and Clackamas County, OR, which created the regional radio system partnership.  Ms. Jesuale was responsible for the delivery of the Technology Management Plan, which includes identification and recommendations on critical path issues, long term technology issues, management and maintenance issues, and standard operating processes and procedures for the envisioned regional radio system upgrade.