NetCity Project Summary: Shared Spectrum Company



NetCity             Shared Spectrum Company

Project Names:

Principal Investigator, XG Project

Principal Investigator, NIJ Cognitive Radio for Public Safety R&D Project

Project Timeframe:


Project Description:

NetCity was retained by Shared Spectrum Company to participate as part of a research and development team, to develop next-generation push-to-talk and broadband wireless communications devices, systems and architectures for public safety.  These programs focus on adapting advances made in military technology to the public safety user community.  Areas of focus included needs analysis, spectrum occupancy analysis, requirements definition, conducting focus groups with public safety communications entities, authoring papers on the development of technology for public safety, and creating business strategies to commercialize emerging technology for voice and data.  As part of these projects, NetCity participated in the Software Defined Radio Forum (SDR Forum) Public Safety Interest Group, and helped to author comments on the 700 MHz R&O for the SDR Forum. Ms. Jesuale’s original research has been published by the IEEE in 2007, 2008 and 2009.