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NetCity's Municipal and State Government Services

Municipal and State Telecommunications

Telecommunications Strategic Plans

NetCity works with your department heads, engineers, network architects and policymakers to design and publish a multi-year roadmap for strategic telecom policy and investments and development of services and capabilities.  Our comprehensive planning process gives you details on your human resources, training, investments, costs, partnerships, financing and system acquisition process that make the difference between scattered, inefficient development and a cohesive eco-system of policy, expenditure and results.

Spectrum Policy

Any government strategy for telecommunications that includes wireless technologies of any kind is dependent on spectrum policy, both at the local and regional level, and the federal level.  Yet local and state governments are conspicuously absent from the spectrum reform debates.  NetCity can inform you on all aspects of spectrum policy, and prepare your enterprise to benefit from emerging spectrum rights, including unlicensed and licensed spectrum, spectrum sharing, spectrum leasing, and frequency coordination.

Broadband Network Strategy

Whether its municipal Wi-Fi, fiber optics, cable, DSL or other transport technology, state and local government need to understand the underlying market economics for providers, and know the development roadmap for their community. NetCity provides a comprehensive assessment tailored to the specific market, economic development vision, workforce strategy, and educational and access needs of the region.  Partnerships and convergence business models are our specialty.

Public Safety Communications

Public Safety First Responder Networks

Capacity, Coverage, Interoperability Reliability and Control are the essential elements of a public safety first responder communications network. Architectures and technologies for these networks are changing fast.  NetCity is an innovator in public safety network design and engineering; one of the few consulting firms that can integrate mobile broadband, licensed and unlicensed spectrum and new land mobile radio technologies into a cohesive statewide or regional design.

Broadband Data and VOIP

A public safety network designed today must reach beyond narrowband push-to-talk voice to meet the needs of public safety for the coming decades.  Few communities can afford to design and implement a public safety communications system that does not have an integrated broadband and VOIP mobile strategy.  These technologies are essential to a public safety communications system.  NetCity assists clients to integrate and converge these technologies with traditional radio system requirements, saving millions of dollars while creating enhanced capabilities for first responders.

Emerging Technology

Wi-MAX, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Internet Protocol (IP), Mesh Networking, Ad-Hoc Networking and Cognitive Radio, Spectrum Leasing and other emerging innovations are revolutionizing communications architectures and investments for all government networks, but are especially important to public safety network planners.  NetCity can help your State or Local government achieve the tremendous opportunities that these emerging technical solutions promise.